Welcome, GuestHouse Chihuahua.
It opened on 24th December 2015.

”We barely speak and understand English. However, we try our best to have better communication with you. We appreciate your patient.”

Tourist resort representing Okinawa, Kitaya. Shopping city American Village, nearby. Walk to the sea, about 30 seconds. Seaside promenade. Near dive spot & surf spot.
When you are ready, GO to the sea! Active Okinawa · Mattari Okinawa. Please spend your free time with Okinawa time.
In GuestHouse, you can hold a cave such as snorkeling and experience diving Licensing course fans diving and blue. Please feel free to contact us.


Now to be able to credit card settlement.
Too early, but the "autumn-winter" Okinawa campaign
Is it too early? ^ ^;) Enjoy the time of the rainy season! (^ ^)!
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※If you are using a limousine bus from the airport and when there is a time of staff will come to pick you up to the Hilton Okinawa Chatan Resort.
Be sure to check beforehand.
Also, you can enjoy marine sports such as snorkeling, diving (experience · FUN), boat fishing nearby, etc. as an option when the staff's time is available.
If the staff is too busy to respond, we will introduce marine sports shops.
If you wish, please contact us before booking or in advance.
It should be noted that the top season, please contact us always.
※ also available in the camp, such as Circle seminar. Please inquire.